The VENSYS Corporate Family

A strong alliance

Integrated solutions with a high level of added value

The companies in the VENSYS corporate family perfectly interact to provide all the expertise necessary to deliver integrated wind energy systems. Our subsidiaries complement our core portfolio for project-specific comprehensive solutions that feature a high level of functionality. The know-how of different specialists is pooled to provide fully-optimized wind turbines with flexible options.
Growing vertical integration means that VENSYS can further develop key turbine components with all parties involved, facilitating adaptations for individual turbines as part of a project management that is always geared to the customer´s needs as well as groundbreaking hybrid solutions.

Advantages extending over the complete supply chain

We constantly monitor our high standards of quality, uninterrupted availability and high efficiency - over the complete supply chain and for the duration of a turbine´s life cycle. Production in our own facilities makes sure we can deliver reliably and on time. The biggest advantage for our customers lies in the seamless interaction of all performance-related components, right from the appropriate planning process and the commissioning of turbines all the way down to our reliable service.


The nucleus of the wind energy specialist

Quality and solidity that can be relied on

VENSYS Energy AG is the core, center and head office of the VENSYS corporate family.

Both investors and operators can rely on VENSYS Energy when it comes to solidity and financial strength. As the heart of a corporate family managed by highly qualified engineers VENSYS Energy AG is responsible for the development of the wind turbines and guarantees their superior overall quality. At the same time it functions as a design and competence center in the network of licensees and sets the benchmark for the high level of technological expertise that VENSYS stands for all over the world.

VENSYS Elektrotechnik

The specialist for integrated energy systems

Technology carrier for power electronics

Since 2008 our subsidiary has been designing and manufacturing the pitch systems for the rotor blade adjustment as well as the components for the grid connection and the turbine control system of our wind turbines. In doing so, it has become the second pillar of the VENSYS group providing expertise in that particular field. The company´s core products are parameterizable full-power converters that flexibly adapt to all the directives and requirements of different grids. Intelligent battery storage devices featuring grid management functions are available for the self-sufficient use of regenerative energy systems and the introduction of hybrid solutions.

Enhanced robustness, safety and power

All products are scalable depending on project requirements and have stood the test of time even under the most demanding environmental conditions and in locations with poor infrastructure. They are instrumental in contributing to the safety, durability and high efficiency of our turbines. The modular design makes them economical and very easy to maintain, with worldwide support safeguarding the high quality that is the hallmark of products “Made in Germany”.

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E-Blades Technology

Rotor blades in perfection

Reliability when it comes to quality and delivery

The establishment of E-Blades Technology enables VENSYS to produce and design its own rotor blades with a view to increasing yields and secures a high level of independence for VENSYS. The production of rotor blades at our own facilities provides our customers with the high quality that VENSYS stands for and supports the fast and timely delivery of the blade sets – a big advantage in a market characterized by long lead times.
Our own production capacities also facilitate our efforts to continuously enhance the performance levels of these components which are of crucial importance with respect to wind energy yields.

Blade optimization that leads to higher yields

We harness our potential for innovation to improve the construction of blades in terms of shape and position, optimizing aerodynamics, material properties and quality standards in the manufacturing process, always in keeping with the specifications of VENSYS technology. In doing so, we are guided by the overall objective of making durable rotors that meet the demanding requirements of the megawatt class.


All-round service for Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe

Project management close to the customer

All-round service for communities and owners in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe – this is what our branch office in Poland is responsible for. Distribution, planning and service activities are concentrated here to provide customers with solutions geared to their individual needs. We operate in places such as the Baltic countries, Belarus and Ukraine.

VENSYS turbines are built in keeping with local requirements and are carefully looked after by our teams. Maintenance, service and trainings are closely coordinated with operators in the respective locations.
The turbines are manufactured in Germany, thus providing all the advantages of a high-quality production process in small series that is managed by experienced engineers.

Professional engineering

VENSYS Poland functions as the regional place to turn to and the competent interface with all the engineering services provided by our head office, making it the ideal partner for the management of wind parks of different sizes, self-supporting solutions for industry and commerce, rural supply units and prospective customers on a municipal level.


Our competence center in North America

Tailor-made wind power

VENSYS Inc. with its head office in Rhode Island currently employs 10 people and serves as the distribution and service point for wind energy projects in the USA and Canada. It sells, erects and looks after VENSYS wind turbines and provides all-round service with individual project management for local investors. Our branch there has made a name for itself as an attractive partner for the erection of small wind parks and individual units for self-supporters, farmers and companies. It counsels and supports communities in their efforts to set up their own power supply with the aim of creating sustainable value added on location for citizens and municipalities.  

Community Scales and integrated solutions

VENSYS wind turbines form the basis for the development of solutions geared to specific needs, also linked to any given infrastructure and the connection to consumption points such as machines, pumps or electric filling stations. For that purpose, we use our high-quality turbines that are produced in our main facility in Germany, making all necessary adaptations to local requirements if necessary.