The Blade Pitch System

Technology 3

Low-wear and low-maintenance toothed-belt drive

A special feature of VENSYS wind turbines is the lubrication-free toothed belt for transmitting the force between the pitch drive and the rotor blade. Our extremely durable drive system thus prevents wear as a result of corrosion or pitting which can be found in conventional rotor blade adjustment systems using gearing and drive pinions.

The pitch system requires virtually no maintenance. Due to integrated special fibers, the toothed belt is also impervious to shock load and can easily be exchanged if the need arises. The variable-speed rotor blade drive ensures very good incident flow even in the partial-load range.

More safety and long-term cost advantages

Our patented toothed-belt drive for the blade pitch system has stood the test of time in the most diverse locations: impervious to moisture, dirt and temperature changes as well as constant exposure in areas with strong and turbulent winds.

In addition, triple redundancy further enhances safety. The drive of each rotor blade comes with an energy storage device (capacitor), making sure that in the event of power failure the rotor blades can safely be driven into braking position. The long-life capacitors deliver the required power even in low temperatures.