The All-rounder among the Converters

Self-sufficient, flexible and modular – one system, lots of possibilities.

The development of the Vensys hybrid converter „VENCON“ has created a modular system for versatile system applications. One system offers the possibility of housing up to three power modules. Every power module can be configurated via the AC or DC connections. In addition, several systems can be connected in parallel using a common intermediate circuit.

150 kW steps allow for customized requirements to be met. The bi-directional operation provides a wide range of applications in the battery sector.

For applications in photovoltaics, wind power, water power or battery storage systems, VENCON is the link to the public grid or an island grid.

The ability to connect three completely different DC sources with 120 kW each for every power module further underlines the flexibility of VENCON.

Thanks to its compact design VENCON is suitable for use in any location.


Applications at a Glance

Battery converter

  • Operation of a wide range of battery systems
  • Integration of diverse storage technologies such as accumulators, redox flow, mechanical storage devices as well as power to gas
  • Smallest AC unit 150 kW
  • Three freely usable battery inputs
  • Broad voltage range 0–820 V

PV converter

  • 300 kW converter
  • Three MPP ranges
  • Modular central converter
  • Voltage range 100–720 V
  • 850 V open circuit voltage

Wind full-power converter

  • 150 kW wind turbine
  • Variable speed
  • Scalable to turbine size
  • Also suitable for water power

Hybrid converter

  • Central unit for island grids
  • Consumers and producers connected via DC bus
  • A wide range of producers can be integrated
  • Unbalanced load capability of 100%