The Generator

Technology 1

The direct-drive system – all the advantages of gearless machines

Wind turbines designed by VENSYS operate without high-maintenance gearboxes that are prone to wear. They save on elaborate technology and require fewer environmentally hazardous lubricants and consumables than conventional transmission systems. Safe and efficient operation thus go hand in hand.

VENSYS combines the advantages of gearless technology with the generator concept of a synchronous machine with permanent magnet excitation. The rotor speed is transferred directly to the multi-polar generator – completely without any excitation losses. The gearless technology design concept used by VENSYS thus leads to high wind yields and high returns.

High performance paired with a low tower head mass

VENSYS wind turbines are equipped with a directly driven, permanently magnet-excited synchronous generator. The high-quality permanent magnets are fitted to the outer cover of the rotor, reducing heat losses in the generator and providing for simple and efficient cooling.

The shape of the external rotor supports a compact design, making the best possible use of the tower head volume. A maximum generator diameter can be achieved on a reduced surface – yet another aspect why VENSYS is synonymous with enhanced efficiency.