The All-rounder among the Converters

The central unit for a versatile island grid with a wide range of energy sources.

Modular: Expandability in steps of 150kW means total power can be reached for all sizes, with several systems being linked via the DC connection.  

Versatile: Up to six completely different DC sources with up to 120 kW output can be operated in a broad voltage range.

Unbalanced load capability: Due to sufficient intermediate circuit capacity, the converter provides an unbalanced load capability of 100 %.

Backup capability: The integration of diesel generators as well as wind and water power plants is possible without restrictions.

Easy to maintain: The modular design, air cooling and the ability to control the system remotely (Web Interface) make sure VENCON requires only a minimum amount of maintenance.

Flexible: Thanks to its compact design VENCON is suitable for use in any location.


Technical Data