The Vensys Product Range

The right solution for every requirement

High yields in every location

A wide range of platforms featuring variable tower heights, rotor diameters and generators with different power outputs ensure configurations that are perfectly adapted to local requirements and provide the maximum energy yields for all wind classes even in areas where wind conditions are poor.
VENSYS also erects all kinds of tower systems and has extensive experience with 140-meter hybrid towers as well as single-blade assembly in a demanding construction environment. Low sound emissions are another reason why our turbines are perfect for virtually any location.

Optimal solutions for every project

Our robust turbines have stood the test of time, making them the first choice not only in areas with extreme climatic conditions and poor infrastructure. The parameterizable VENSYS full-power converters ensure fail-safe operation irrespective of grid conditions.

VENSYS Turbine Overview

Platforms: 7.8 MW

VENSYS 175 7.8 MW Rotor


7.8 MW

Platforma: 3.5-4.1 MW

VENSYS 115 4.1 MW Rotor


4.1 MW
VENSYS 126 3.8 MW Rotor


3.8 MW
VENSYS 136 3.5 MW Rotor


3.5 MW

Platforms: 1.5-2.1 MW

Vensys 62 1.5MW Rotor


1.5 MW
VENSYS 70 2.1 MW Rotor


2.1 MW
VENSYS 82 1.85 MW Rotor


1.9 MW