Knowledge that secures our commitment to quality

The training and service center in Neunkirchen is the place where we train and qualify our partners and external service teams to provide maximum support at all locations for the commissioning, grid connection and availability of turbines, thus making sure that yields are consistently high.

We also train our own service staff here in expert sessions that always keep them up to date with respect to the latest technological developments and provide them with the expertise necessary to operate and maintain facilities. Our know-how is also consistently passed on to employees working for our licensees in hands-on training schemes. The result: high quality of service and technical support and long-lasting and efficient turbine operation.


Training Programs

Apart from basic training on work safety that complies with international standards and comprehensive instruction in maintenance and turbine repair, we also teach our employees the electrical and mechanical skills required for setting up the various VENSYS model ranges.


We make sure the training schemes we offer are geared to individual requirements, covering both the different model ranges and the components that must be maintained regularly. Another feature of our training measures is the hands-on simulation of potential faults that allows us to diagnose disturbances reliably and remedy them fast and efficiently.