Permanent Magnet Technology

Technology 2

High efficiency = higher yield

VENSYS utilizes permanent magnet technology known from electric drives in navigation and electric vehicles with a tailor-made turbine design concept for wind energy purposes.

The robust VENSYS generators bring together three decades´ worth of know-how in independent research work on permanent magnet technology. The generators of the 2.5 – 4.x MW platform are performance-optimized enhancements with an even larger diameter and greater length yet lower speed.

No excitation losses = even higher yield

Unlike electrical excitation, permanent magnet technology does not have the disadvantage of excitation losses. The savings in excitation power are thus fully available as additional energy yield in VENSYS wind turbines.

This leads to improved efficiency, in particular in the low or partial-load range. In addition, there is no need to transfer the excitation power by means of slip rings, which saves on complex turbine components and reduces production and operation costs.