The Full-Power Converter System

Technology 4

Connection with power plant properties

Feeding in short-circuit current, quick separation from the grid or bridging short-term voltage drops and sudden voltage rises in the grid: all these are power plant properties that distinguish VENSYS converter systems, making them suitable for universal grid connections.

The total power produced is directed via the VENSYS converter, which allows for the generator to be decoupled effectively from the grid. Power network disturbances and voltage fluctuations thus do not affect the control behavior of VENSYS wind turbines. The converter can even support weak grids.

Suitable for all grid requirements

The converter technology designed by VENSYS is an all-in-one system that can be parameterized individually, which means that it adapts flexibly to the most diverse requirements and directives. The regulations of grid operators or direct marketers are complied with under the widest possible range of grid conditions. The converters have stood the test of time the world over, even in grids with poor infrastructure.

The whole power electronics system, including the converter and the transformers, can be maintained easily and is housed in the tower base, taking up only a minimum of space.