Drohndorf 2.0 – The biggest VENSYS wind park in Germany

VENSYS has been awarded the contract to extend an existing 12-megawatt wind park (4x VENSYS 120 with 3.0 MW) in Saxony-Anhalt. Starting at the end of the year, 12 additional wind turbines of the 3.5 MW class with 136-meter rotors will be delivered and erected.

The extension makes the facility the biggest VENSYS wind park in Germany. VENSYS guarantees reliable service by means of a comprehensive maintenance contract. The wind turbines are at the cutting edge of the VENSYS product range and completely dispense with a gearbox and a complex drive train. Our technology, featuring an external rotor and a permanently magnet-excited generator, has stood the test of time for 25 years. The fact that a well-known major German competitor has now decided to adopt this approach proves us right. The turbines will be erected in close cooperation with Max Bögl, who will be delivering the tower (concrete hybrid).

Following the commissioning of all turbines, which is scheduled for March/April 2020, an output of 54 megawatt can be provided at the grid connection point.