The Idea

Brilliantly simple

Fewer components, higher wind energy yield, reliable operation

VENSYS Energy AG with its head office in Neunkirchen/Germany develops and manufactures gearless wind turbines.

We have made a name for ourselves with high-performance turbines that feature a permanently magnet-excited multi-polar generator, a low-maintenance toothed-belt drive for the blade pitch system, a simple generator cooling and the full-power converter system that allows for a wide range of grid requirements to be met.

The special turbine design relies on a minimum number of high-quality and long-lasting components. High efficiency, low maintenance as well as the compact design and the advantages of systems that are virtually free of wear ensure consistently higher yields.

We deliver the complete range: from the tower base to the tip of the rotor blade

All the core components of VENSYS wind turbines are designed by our experienced engineers and manufactured in different production facilities of the VENSYS Group.

While the full-power converter and the special electrical pitch system are produced at Vensys Elektrotechnik in Diepholz, the multi-polar generator is assembled in Neunkirchen. Production of our rotor blades for different power classes is carried out by E-Blades, our subsidiary in Spain.

It is this interaction of perfectly-coordinated key components paired with our own turbine control system which guarantees reliable engine technology – made by VENSYS.



Five distinctive features

Reliable and virtually free of maintenance

Wherever reliability, operating safety and low maintenance requirements are needed, VENSYS wind turbines show what they are capable of. Not only do we deliberately dispense with a gearbox, our turbines also make do with a minimum number of high-quality components.

Unique turbine design

VENSYS has optimized wind turbines to the smallest detail. The simple setup of the system combines high durability and operating safety, which aims at high energy yields while minimizing losses. All of this is guaranteed by the five distinctive features of VENSYS technology: direct drive, permanent magnet technology, full-power converter system, the VENSYS blade pitch system and air cooling.

1. Generator
2. Permanent Magnet Technology
3. Full-power converter
4. Blade Pitch System
5. Generator Cooling



A program with many options

For optimum site adaptation

VENSYS offers gearless wind turbines for all wind classes and locations. Five platforms with different tower heights and rotor blade lengths and generators featuring outputs of 1.5 MW, 2.5 MW, 3.x MW, 4.x MW and 6.x MW (in development) are the basis for configurations geared to the requirements of the location. VENSYS also erects different tower systems and masters the technology of single blade assembly. Our fully scalable full-power converters, electronic components and performance packages for grid connection ensure reliable project implementation irrespective of the prevailing grid and site conditions.

Customer orientation is our trademark

VENSYS can be relied upon as a service-oriented project partner for municipalities and industry that is committed to turbines close to the customer and perfectly adapted to the respective location, reaching all the way from adaptations to complex site requirements to individual technical solutions.


VENSYS international

At home all over the world

VENSYS technology in operation throughout the world

Our license model combines the superior technology of a German enterprise managed by engineers with global manufacturing and marketing. VENSYS wind turbines are successfully connected to the grid in a large number of countries spread over five continents and always supported with site-specific service provisions and customer-oriented logistics. The robust turbines have stood the test of time all over the world, not only in areas where extreme climate and poor infrastructure pose particular challenges. The parameterizable VENSYS full-power converters allow for a reliable energy supply even under extremely difficult grid conditions.

Rising exports from German production

More and more wind turbines turned out by German production facilities are being sold in Germany, Europe and North America thanks to our sales and service branches in the USA and Poland. Turbines configured to suit individual location requirements are connected to the grid in Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Romania. In North America, wind turbines are located in the USA and Canada. Central America appears with turbines in Panama on the VENSYS map. South American locations are Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador. In addition, wind turbines are located on the African continent in Egypt and Ethiopia and in Asia in Sri Lanka, China, India, Pakistan and Thailand. Finally, we are also represented in Australia with numerous wind turbines. Further markets are currently being developed.

VENSYS licensees

Strong partners and global players

Industrial production and global distribution

As of now, our licensees have erected more than 24,500 turbines using VENSYS technology all around the world. Goldwind is our growth leader, operating six production facilities in China as well as an international sales and service network. Their work forms the basis for the efficient expansion of sustainable wind energy supplies in Asia, the USA, Australia, Africa and South America, with VENSYS functioning as a competence center that provides the development of innovative technologies, the know-how for production and operation and the technical support for a global corporate group.

Synergies of a strong partnership

What VENSYS gets in return is benefits arising from our partners´ expertise in industrial manufacturing, their sales power and financial strength as well as their potential when it comes to logistics and service, enabling us to utilize our superior experience to implement our own large-scale projects and wind parks no matter what size or where they are located.