VENSYS Group: The Alternative Energy Company

VENSYS is involved in the alternative energy market. VENSYS Elektrotechnik is responsible for the power converter systems of the wind turbines and is also active in the solar industry. NEVEN enables VENSYS to develop and realize projects.

VENSYS Elektrotechnik GmbH

Our subsidiary VENSYS Elektrotechnik GmbH in Diepholz produces the VENSYS power converter systems as well as switchgear, controls and pitch systems. The power converter systems fully comply with the national and regional grid connection guidelines/grid codes. They feature high efficiency and support the grid in case of low voltage ride through (LVRT).

Since 2011 VENSYS Elektrotechnik GmbH has also been involved in the solar industry. The converters developed and produced in Diepholz are being used in increasing numbers in solar parks and on solar roofs

NEVEN Windenergie GmbH

NEVEN is a subsidiary of VENSYS Energy AG. It was set up in 2011 to support the development of wind turbines in the region Saarland/Rhineland Palatinate with expertise and experience.

Major services include competent, comprehensive consulting, location planning, project development including the acquisition of space and building permits as well as the purchasing of necessary components and services. In addition, the company provides project and time planning for the logistics and preparation of the wind turbine as well as support with its erection

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