Then and now

VENSYS successfully enters the French market –three 3 MW turbines are erected in Soissons in Northern France.

GroupXS enables VENSYS Energy AG to digitalize the creation of all its reports, thus insuring faster processing, faster feedback to the customer and a reduction in time and money expended.

Local communities and public water treatment plants in Rhode Island produce their own electricity thanks to ten new VENSYS 1.5 MW turbines.

The Seneca Nation (Native American tribe in North America) sets up its own electricity utility, commissioning VENSYS Energy AG to do the building.


A large number of additional turbines are erected and put into operation all over the world.

22 % of all productive turbines in Saarland are VENSYS wind turbines

Vensys establishes VENSYS Inc. in the USA.

The end of the year sees the erection of a prototype – a 3 MW turbine at the test site of Windtest Grevenbroich GmbH .

Five 2.5 MW turbines featuring 140-meter towers generate wind power in Losheim for the energy revolution in Saarland: a regional cooperation project between VSE, Wendelin von Boch, the municipality of Losheim and VENSYS.


A 2.5 MW turbine in Tholey produces electricity generated solely with wind from Saarland and is the focus of attention with international visitors to the VENSYS facility.

VENSYS successfully enters the English market: the first 1.5 MW turbine is connected to the grid in Kings Lynn. 

Single blade assembly: VENSYS is now represented in logistically challenging locations.

The first VENSYS 2.5 MW platforms featuring 140-meter hybrid towers and a total height of 196 meters go into operation in Titting/Upper Palatinate.

A new service center is opened in Brandenburg, catering for the growing number of VENSYS turbines in Eastern Germany, Poland and other EU countries in Eastern Europe

Licensee REGEN Power in India passes the 1.000 MW mark using VENSYS 1.5 MW turbines.

Licensee Goldwind has more than 10.000 VENSYS turbines on the grid.

The 100th 2.5 MW turbine is produced at the VENSYS plant in Neunkirchen for Wendelin von Boch.

11.750 VENSYS turbines featuring 18.200 MW are connected to the grid worldwide. 

The new VENSYS
2.5 MW platform goes into serial production.

Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Australia: VENSYS enters new markets. VENSYS wind turbines are represented on all continents (except Antarctica).

Pilot project „Timber Tower“: the world´s first wind turbine featuring a 100-meter wooden tower goes into operation with a VENSYS 1.5 MW.

A.O.I, licensee in Egypt/North Africa, erects the first 1.5 MW turbines in Safaran in the Red Sea.

8.800 VENSYS turbines with a total output of 13.300 MW are connected to the grid worldwide.

An „endowed professorship wind energy" is established at the University of Applied Sciences in Saarland in cooperation with Goldwind Windenergy GmbH: in doing so, VENSYS returns some of the support to the university from which the company and its innovative turbine concepts originated.

AOI – the Arab Organization for Industrialization - in Egypt becomes a licensee.

In India, VENSYS licensee ReGen will have erected 300 VENSYS wind turbines with a 1.5 MW platform by the end of the year.

In Brazil, VENSYS licensee IMPSA receives orders for over 300 VENSYS wind turbines of the 1.5 MW platform for the year 2012.


The first VENSYS 100 with an output of 2.5 MW are erected in Germany and China: gearless with a permanently magnet-excited multipole generator, an enclosed cooling system without additional coolants and an extended rotor diameter with a distinctly low tower head mass. 

In Hongkong, GOLDWIND, the parent company of VENSYS majority shareholder GOLDWIND GmbH, goes public, with its IPO providing a capital inflow of one billion US dollars for the company´s future expansion.

Worldwide over 3.200 VENSYS wind turbines with an output of roughly 5.000 megawatt featuring VENSYS technology are connected to the grid.

VENSYS introduces the latest 2.5 MW wind turbine VENSYS 90/100 to the public in its new production facility in Neunkirchen / Wellesweiler.
Serial production of
VENSYS wind turbines in Germany begins.
Worldwide over 1.000
VENSYS wind turbines are on the grid.


Goldwind GmbH becomes a new co-shareholder of VENSYS.

VENSYS Energy AG relocates its company head office from Saarbrücken to Neunkirchen. The new premises offer a 3000 m² administrative building and a 5000 m² production facility.

The subsidiary VENSYS Elektrotechnik GmbH is founded in Diepholz near Bremen. The company produces the electrical components (VENSYS converter and pitch systems) for all VENSYS wind turbines and the turbines of all licensees worldwide.

During the Beijing Summer Olympics, 43 VENSYS wind turbines (built by the Chinese licensee Goldwind) provide environmentally-friendly electricity for the games.

VENSYS Energiesysteme GmbH & Co.
KG is renamed VENSYS Energy AG.
The first VENSYS 77/1.5 MW turbines are erected in Germany and the first VENSYS 70 and 77 are put up in China.

The granting of licenses to ReGen Powertech and Enerwind (IMPSA wind) opens up the big markets in India and Brazil.

Development of the new VENSYS 2.5 MW platform begins.

Eozen (Spain) becomes a licensee.

The 1.2 MW turbine is upgraded and now features 1.5 MW with an extended rotor diameter.

The prototype VENSYS 62/1.2 MW is erected in Sitzerath / Saarland.
GOLDWIND (China) becomes a VENSYS partner. The company is entitled to produce and sell
VENSYS wind turbines under license.

Wind energy pioneer Hugo Denker comes on board.


VENSYS Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG is incorporated in Saarbrücken by members of the Forschungsgruppe Windenergie as a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences. The engineers focus on the development of gearless technology.

Years of research result in the prototype GenesYs 600 going into operation in Saarland/Germany.
The Forschungsgruppe Windenergie provides technical support and optimization.

The Forschungsgruppe Windenergie (FGW) is founded at the University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrücken, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Friedrich Klinger: basic research, preliminary designs generator concepts.