Five distinctive features

The success of VENSYS wind turbines is based on five technological features founded on the basic principle of generating the maximum amount of energy while minimizing losses.

Beyond that principle, the VENSYS design philosophy is very simple: limit yourself to few high-quality construction parts, reduce the number of wear parts and only use durable components

Direct Drive

VENSYS relies on direct drive technology. The rotating speed of the rotor is transferred directly to the multi-polar generator, dispensing with the need for a high-maintenance gear unit that is susceptible to wear.

Permanent Magnet Technology

Permanent magnets are fixed to the rotating part of the generator. Excitation power thus saved is fully available as additional energy yield.

Full Power Converter System

VENSYS converter systems feature power plant properties and comply with the requirements and regulations of various grid operators in all parts of the world.

VENSYS Pitch System

VENSYS uses patented blade pitch systems with triple redundancy. One special feature is the proven toothed belt drive which is lubrication-free and minimizes maintenance.

Air Cooling

VENSYS cooling systems are convincingly simple and robust at the same time – either as a passive external air cooling system or as a closed system with a heat exchanger.