The Grid Connection

The feed-in of short-circuit current, the quick separation from the grid or the opposite, the bridging of short-term voltage drops in the grid: All these are power plant properties offered by VENSYS wind turbines. Thanks to our full power converter system developed especially for this purpose, they meet the requirements and regulations of the various grid operators. The total power produced is directed via a VENSYS converter, which makes it possible to decouple the generator fully from the grid. This means that faults or voltage fluctuations in the grid cannot affect the control behavior of the VENSYS wind turbine. The converter covers a wide idle power range (see graphic) and is able to support weak grids as well. Specifically for the German market, VENSYS wind turbines have been certified for the systems service bonus (Systemdienstleistungsbonus - SDL), thus meeting a legal requirement for a higher remuneration for electricity fed into the grid.

Signed and sealed: The certificate for power station features in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2009/SDLWindV confirms the “grid compatibility” of VENSYS wind turbines, and is the prerequisite for a higher remuneration for electricity fed into the grid in Germany (system service bonus).zoom


Effective power and idle power

Effective power and idle power: Depending on the areas shown, corresponding idle powers (Q) can be requested using external specifications within the effective power (P).zoom