The Generator: We don´t bother with a gear unit – you shouldn´t, either!

VENSYS wind turbines don’t need high-maintenance gear units that are highly susceptible to wear. They are based on the generator concept of a synchronous machine with permanent magnet excitation. The rotating speed of the rotor is transferred directly to the multi-polar generator. The gearless technology combined with savings in excitation power result in a higher energy yield. With the 1.5 MW platform, the generator is cooled by outside air. The VENSYS frequency converter is also air-cooled.

In the VENSYS 2.5 MW platform, the cooling system is a closed circuit. The air-to-air heat exchanger eliminates the need for additional cooling fluid. The full enclosure protects the winding and the interior of the generator from external influences, such as salty and humid air, dust and dirt. The VENSYS 2.5 MW platform comes with rotor diameters of 100m, 109m or 112m, thus making sure yields are maximized. Thanks to the compact design, its tower head mass is remarkably low.