The Generator Cooling

The generator is one of the core elements in the nacelle of any wind turbine. Generating electricity always entails the loss of heat, causing the copper windings to heat up. To avoid damage to the generator, the heat must be dissipated. VENSYS generators in 1.5 MW platforms are cooled making use of the external air flowing in directly through the cooling fins.

As the generator in the 2.5 MW platform has higher power density, VENSYS development engineers have taken the cooling concept to a higher level. The result: A fully encapsulated active air cooling system with an air-to-air heat exchanger. Clean air flows through the stator winding and dissipates the heat where the highest temperatures occur. An equally robust and effective system which completely dispenses with additional working materials such as cooling liquids or oils – a step in the right direction, also from an ecological point of view.


Conceptual illustration

Luftkühlung bei der VENSYS 2,5-MW-Plattform mit zwei Kreisläufen.zoom