Permanent Magnet Technology

High energy conversion efficiency = higher yield
VENSYS makes it possible to utilize permanent magnet technology as used in electric drives in navigation and electric vehicles for wind energy technology. VENSYS wind turbines are equipped with a directly driven synchronous generator with permanent magnet excitation. High-quality permanent magnets are fixed to the outer shell of the rotor. Simple yet innovative.

No excitation losses = even higher yield

In contrast to electrical excitation, permanent magnet technology does not have the disadvantage of additional excitation losses. The savings in excitation power are thus fully available as additional energy yield in VENSYS wind turbines.

This is a major asset especially when working in the partial-load range and helps to reduce the heat in the generator. Also, there is no need to transfer the excitation power with slip rings


Permanent magnet generator

The working principle of a permanent magnet generator - simplified presentation: Permanent magnets fixed alternately to the (external) rotor rotate around a stator (here with three windings). All VENSYS wind turbines are constructed according to this basic principle.zoom