VENSYS 3-MW-Plattform

VENSYS 3.0 MW: The alternative for the 3 MW class

The VENSYS 3.0 MW platform is based on the proven technology of the successful 2.5 MW platform. With a rotor diameter of up to 120 meters and a
hub height of up to 140 meters the 3.0 MW platform is also perfectly suited
to locations with poor wind conditions.

The VENSYS 3.0 MW platform comes with the five technological features common to VENSYS wind energy technology that has stood the test of time
in the most diverse wind regions all over the world.

VENSYS 3.5 MW: The logical upgrade

Based on the VENSYS 3.0 MW platform, the VENSYS 136 with an output of
3.5 MW is the logical upgrade of our proven bestseller.
Like the turbine it is derived from, it combines all the technical advantages that VENSYS products have come to be associated with and can be used flexibly, featuring tower heights of 82 meters, 100 meters, and 132 meters, respectively.


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