VENSYS 2.5 MW: The favorite for the multi-megawatt class

With a significant increase in performance – and yet so compact. With a rotor diameter extended to 100, 109 and 112 meters for most high wind and low wind sites.

The VENSYS 2.5 MW platform is the solution for the multi-megawatt range. Gearless and with permanent magnet technology instead of excitation power and gearbox losses. The full enclosure protects the interior of the generator and heat exchanger cooling system from salty and humid air, dust and dirt. And the even more compact toothed belt drive for the blade pitch system on the VENSYS 2.5 MW operates with a minimum of maintenance and is virtually wear-free. Because less is more.

VENSYS has extended the rotor diameter in the 2.5 MW class to 100, 109 and 112 meters - for use in most wind regions. Despite the significant increase in performance and the extended rotor area its tower head mass is remarkably low. Further information can be obtained from the data sheet.

100, 109 und 100 Meter: mit drei verschiedenen Rotordurchmessern ist die 2,5-MW-Plattform für die unterschiedlichsten Windzonen erhältlich.zoom