VENSYS 1.5 MW: The best-seller in its class

Gearless and with permanent magnet technology instead of excitation power and gearbox losses. With an air-cooled generator and air-cooled VENSYS frequency converter for the most varied grid requirements.

With a low-maintenance blade pitch system made by VENSYS using a toothed belt drive featuring its own pitch control system.

With over 11,200 turbines installed, the VENSYS 1.5 MW platform is the world's most frequently installed gearless 1.5 MW turbine of our time.

70, 77, 82 and 87 meters: Offering a choice between four different rotor diameters, it is suitable for the most varied wind zones. Further information can be obtained from the technical data sheet.

70, 77 und 82 Meter: mit drei verschiedenen Rotordurchmessern ist die 1,5-MW-Plattform für die unterschiedlichsten Windzonen erhältlich.zoom