VENSYS licensees: Success in the global marketplace

VENSYS wind turbines are not only built in Germany these days, but also all over the globe by our licensees in further production facilities in Spain, Brazil, India, China and Egypt. Gearless VENSYS wind turbines are now successfully connected to the grid in a dozen countries around the world – particularly in the important growth markets of China, India, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Canada, the USA and Brazil. And there is more to come. With new wind parks in Ecuador, Egypt, Cyprus, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Goldwind has erected over 10,900 VENSYS 1.5 MW platforms and VENSYS 2.5 MW platforms in China and the USA, making the company one of the top sellers in China and the rest of the world. GOLDWIND

ReGen Powertech
ReGen Powertech sells VENSYS wind turbines in India, the third largest global growth market. ReGen Powertech is the largest manufacturers of gearless wind turbines in India. ReGen Powertech

AOI - Arab Organization for Industrialization
Our most recent licensee will be developing the wind energy market in Egypt, using VENSYS technology. The licensing agreement with the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) was signed in 2010. AOI - Arab Organization for Industrialization


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